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More than 2000 fountains characterize today the most famous streets and squares in Rome. You can see everywhere not only the simple drinking fountains called Nasoni, because of their shape like noses, but also the splendid monumental fountains that testify the various historical, artistic and architectural periods of the Eternal  City. In one of the most beautiful areas, located  between the Pincian and Quirinal hills and the Trevi district, the water, still running until today inside the 2000 years old underground structures of the aqueduct Virgin, is the main connection between the ancient everyday life of Rome, its baroque magnificence and the chaos of the modern city.


Our  tour begins in the underground area of Vicus Caprarius where we can discover the ancient parts of the “aqueduct Virgin and its history/legend. Once back outside we keep on following the trails of the aqueduct Virgin. Our next stop is the city’s largest baroque fountain and one of the most famous fountains worldwide, the Trevi fountain. Next aim is the Spanish Steps where we can admire another masterpiece of the Baroque, the Barcaccia fountain created by the greatest sculptors Pietro and Gian Lorenzo Bernini. The tour continues upwards to the square Trinità dei Monti and the hidden fountain so called “del bottino”. Our final destination is the beautiful Belvedere on the top of the Pincian hill that looks out over the roofs and the domes of the Eternal City.

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