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The subsoil of Rome is an unique testimony of millennial historical stratifications and continues to excite not only the archaeologists who study it every day, but all those curious tourists who want to know more than just stroll down the most famous streets of the city.

Thanks to the enthusiastic guide of our experts “underground archeologists“, you will discover ancient structures hidden in between streets and modern buildings. You will be guided to a suggestive walking-tour in the underground of “Foro Boario”, to discover the monumental remains of ancient religious buildings; you will visit the most ancient levels of the “Via Lata”, to see before your own very eyes the early Christian transformations of the city; few steps away from the Trevi Fountain you will still see the water flowing from an aqueduct of the first century BC, 9 meters below the current road level, among structures of a luxurious domus.

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Mobile: +39 3397786192