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The Appian Way, “Regina Viarium”, “queen of the long roads” is one of the richest road of memories and evidences from the past. Along its route, its historical and archaeological heritage is unique all around the world. It’s a real open museum which, through its monuments, can tell us the history of Rome and the territory from its origins until our present days. With these words, it was celebrated by Johann Wolfgang Goethe in his Italian Journey on the 11th of November 1786: “Yesterday I visited the nymph Ægeria, and then the Hippodrome of Caracalla, the ruined tombs along the Via Appia, and the tomb of Metella, which is the first to give one a true idea of what solid masonry really is. These men worked for eternity. All causes of decay were calculated, except the rage of the spoiler, which nothing can resist.”

The tour, a proper archaeological hike, can be arranged according to the needs and interests of the group and it focuses on the archaeological and environmental peculiarities of the route, through the discovery of stunning monumental areas and historical, religious and architectural curiosities –so typically romans- left by all the millions people that have walked the ancient way.


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