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We have concluded the cleaning of the silver coin found during the Domo 2018 excavation campaign.


Quinario d’argento ritrovato durante la campagna di scavo “Domo 2018”

On the two faces are now perfectly visible the head of Jupiter, the Victory (standing in the act of crowing a trophy) and the inscription P.SABIN.
The elements confirm the comparison with a silver quart by Publio Vettio Sabino of 99 B.C.

It’s very interesting because it’s a walking surface that covers the rooms that were demolished during the general renovation of the thermal area. The presence of the coin is therefore a chronological horizon of the former baths.

In the picture you can see the tools used for the cleaning such as a magnifying endoscope and an abrasive pen with fiberglass refill.



Endoscopio per l’ingrandimento

Penna abrasiva con refill in fibra di vetro con cui è stata effettuata la pulizia